[ RadSafe ] Portable xray units for industrial radiography

Dahlskog, Leif Leif.Dahlskog at health.wa.gov.au
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We have measurements of a number of units using a MDH ion chamber.

 XIT 250 kVp 5 mA unit;
 5.45 R/min at 1m.  HVL 0f 7.55 mm Al.

Rigaku 250EGS2 250 kVp 5 mA;  
1214 R/min at 300 mm with 2mm Al filter removed.
With 2 mm Al filter in place 12.66 R/min at 1 m.

Sorry have no data on the more modern units such as the GE Eresco 300 kVp constant potential units but output could be considerably more.

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Does anyone out there have an idea of what the range of output is for these sort of devices? I'm interested in knowing about how many R/min @ 1 meter could be expected from commercially available models.  I've seen some that spec out at 5 R/min at 1 meter.  Are there models (portable) with higher outputs?

Clayton Bradt
Principal Radiophysicist
NYS Dept. of Health

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