[ RadSafe ] Fusor Improvements

Joseph Preisig jrpnj01 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 00:16:39 CST 2015


     You can google   fusor   yourself

     A fusor is Farnsworth's (a US co-inventor of TV) EM device that tries
to do fusion.  D,D   or D,T   or   T, T fusion etc.
     One way to improve current Fusor systems is to place a 2 foot by 2
foot by 2 foot vacuum area around the fusor.

     Next design a horizontal D2O (frozen or cold???) packet conveyor
(packets of plastic and D2O) which places one packet at a time in the Fusor
target area.  Packets are suspended via strings or plastic lines etc.
Something other than plastic may be necessary.

     Then run the Fusor in pulsed mode.  The packet reaches the target
area. the pulsed D or T beam hits the packet, and then leftover D,T etc.is
sucked into a recovery and processing system.  I guess the vacuum systems
are not active when the beam is targeting the plastic packet.
Then the whole system gets ready to do this procedure all over again.  The
neutrons and other reaction products (and their net energy) are collected
in a volume of water or other fluid around the target area.  Fusor beam
producing systems (6 to 8 or whatever) may need their own vacuum pipes,
with some sort of beam exit.
     This system is getting a bit complex for home FUSOR experimenters
running D, D reactions.  One now needs a background In low temperature
     Another Fusion system of interest is Bogdan Maglich's Migma, a
self-colliding beam.
     Joe Preisig

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