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     According to youtubes on the internet, the radiation created by
spinning Mercury or whatever in a modern??? UFO (I've named the USA Version
in previous posts) extends outward radially from the UFO 200 feet or more
--- Synchrotron Radiation, I guess.  Other youtubes or the internet suggest
the USA UFO is Nuclear Powered --- perhaps it is fusion, highly enriched
fuel fission or possibly Element-115 etc.

     The Electromagnetic Propulsion system I've suggested earlier may be
realistic, but there is a fair amount of Youtube/Internet information
suggesting the anti-gravitational propulsion systems of the Glocke,
Haunebu, TR3B etc. might be relativistic in nature??? The Mercury or
whatever plasma, liquid, low temperature fluid is going in a spinning
sphere or torus path very quickly....With a velocity approaching c, the
velocity of light???

    Einstein left Germany in the 1930's because it was healthy and prudent
for him to do so.  He is the innovator in special relativity (1905),
general relativity (1915) and beyond.  1905 was his magical year with
papers published on: Brownian Motion, photoelectric effect, special
relativity, E=Mc-squared etc.  I rarely remember what the 5th 1905 paper
was on.  Persons wanting to study the photoelectric effect, Compton
Scattering and pair production are welcome to read Sakurai's book on
Advanced Quantum Mechanics.  This book describes relativistic calculations
not normally included in undergraduate QM courses.  It is easier reading,
with mostly the usual mathematics, than the book Gravitation (i.e. general
relativity) by Misner, Thorne and Wheeler.  There are simplistic
descriptions on the internet of General Relativity.  For Misner, Thorne and
Wheeler, you need a fair background in Tensor Mathematics.

     I can't give you a serious discussion about what kind of special
relativity (and general relativity) things are going on in UFO anti-gravity
propulsion.  All I'll say, is that if you make a Mercury plasma/liquid etc.
go around in a spherical or torus orbit quickly and increase the energy of
particles, fluid etc. using Radio Frequency kickers or whatever, if one
approaches the velocity c, the energy of the system becomes quite high, and
not necessarily intuitively,  the system also becomes massive, thus perhaps
resulting in general relativistic effects.  One such general relativistic
effect is bending of light rays by our Sun.  Maybe a UFO beats gravity in a
similar way.  Lazar, in his youtube, discusses such a gravitational drive
which uses the alleged extra-nuclear Strong Forces of Element-115.  One can
compute the energy of the Mercury liquid, particles by computing the Moment
of Inertia of the Mercury and rotational (angular) velocity and summing
over all particles, liquid bits etc.  To be correct, one must start to do a
special relativity calculation of this, if the velocity approaches c.
Parameters about the mercury plasma/particles/liquid are given in some of
the youtubes.
     I'm read that Einstein had collaborated with other scientists who
knew  Einstein, before Einstein left Germany.  These Relativity theories
were big news, and apparently helpful to the development of the Glocke,
Haunebu and Vril flying ships.
     Funny we seem to know a great deal about the physics connections
between Electromagnetic, Weak and Strong Forces, with the connection to
Gravity not well understood.  Maybe the discovery of the Higgs particle
will help matters.  The connections of the non-Gravitational Forces are
discusssed in the book Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics by
Goldhaber and another guy.  Realistically though, and to be a bit truthful,
whoever designed the Vril, Glocke, Haunebu, and Sport Model (discussed by
Bob Lazar) spacecrafts had to have a pretty good understanding of some
connection between all 4 fundamental forces.  In these spacecraft, we see
evidence of interplay for propulsion via EM, Strong and Gravitational
Forces.  Perhaps the Role of Gravity in all this is just horribly complex,
or maybe just very SECRET, and not so much a mystery to some scientists.  I
guess eventually the truth about all this will dribble out over time.
     Have a good weekend.    Joe Preisig

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