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JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Mon Feb 2 01:20:22 CST 2015

      More Cancer statements etc.  First  three were given by me earlier.
1.  Cell Wall grows on exposure to mutagen/carcinogen.  Cell is  trying to 
get more oxygen/nutrients.
2.  Upon exposure to carcinogens/mutagens, cell tries to increase  
osmosis/diffusion.  Cell tries to get  more      oxygen/nutrients.  Increased 
diffusion/osmosis can bring more  mutagen/carcinogens into the cell.
3.  Cell tries to reproduce (cellular division) faster to get more  
nutrients/oxygen upon exposure to mutagens/carcinogens.  Sounds like Cancer  rapid 
4.  Exposure to mutagens/carcinogens/radiation messes up any  
pre-programmed (DNA stored??) response to fight Cancer  (immune system  etc).  Can this 
reponse be restored by by Medical  Intervention???
5.  Mutagen/carcinogen/radiation disrupts (randomizes???) the setting  of 
DNA switches (information???) describing bodily traits.  Blue eyes  become 
brown, green etc.  People with hairy arms become hairless etc.
Think about a beam of alphas, gammas, XRays, protons, neutron, heavy ions  
etc. incident on a whole series of cells (such as in tissue, organ etc)..
     Have a good week.    Joe  Preisig
PS   Someone should give Joe Shonka $$$ to do neutron,  gamma, cosmic ray 
etc. measurements in airplanes...

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