[ RadSafe ] Cancer treatments

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Sat Feb 28 13:41:59 CST 2015

Dear Radsafe,
     HBO is currently running a TV Show (USA HBO) ---  Killing Cancer.  It 
discusses Immunity therapy (T Cells for leukemia) and  using various viruses 
(HIV, Measles etc.) to kill cancer.  Apparently some  viruses (engineered 
or not???) target and try to destroy cancer cells.   They can actually find 
and try to destroy cancer cells at various locations in  the body.  
Apparently with some success.  There was some discussion of  treatment of 
Glioblastoma cancer (brain cancer).  The viruses apparently do  not attack healthy 
human cells.  The future looks bright???
     Add these treatment mechanisms to radiation,  surgery, chemotherapy, 
gamma knife, cyber knife, electrons, protons, heavy ions,  other 
immunotherapy, laser surgery etc.  Wow.  See HBO's  website???
    Joe Preisig
PS  Also consider genetic screening for genetic cancers, other  diseases.

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