[ RadSafe ] space propulsion and shielding

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Fri Jan 2 14:19:56 CST 2015

     Hey All.  If one has an Electromagnetic  (spaceship) propulsion system 
which works by mercury or mercury ions (or another  material) spinning 
around in a sphere or torous (very quickly), one generates a  good-sized 
magnetic field which can interact with the Earth's magnetic field and  other Solar 
system magnetic fields.  Such a magnetic field will shield  such a 
spacecraft from charged particles, much like the Earth's magnetic  field works.  
Still have to shield against neutrons etc.  EM  propulsion systems (see youtube) 
are:  glocke, haunebu, thule tachyonator,  magnetic field disruptor, tr3b  
    The bob lazar fellow (see his youtubes) discusses  gravitational 
propulsion using element-115 by proton-induced fission or some  matter/antimatter 
reaction.  He says he worked on such systems at Area51  (USA).  He describes 
the propulsion system and why radiation shielding is  largely not needed in 
such systems.
    If a UFO/spaceship can get somewhere quickly (using  wormholes etc.), 
then one may not have to have much radiation shielding at  all.
    Regards,    Joe Preisig

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