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JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Thu Jul 2 00:23:45 CDT 2015

      Hope you are well.
      An interesting graphic about global warming  exists from an 
atmospheric researcher at UAlabama-Hunstville.  Don't recall  his name.  Search at 
will.  2000 years of data???  Warming is a  long period natural phenomenon???  
Milankovitch cycle???
      A news item I've seen lately discusses  success growing whole breasts 
in the laboratory.  Not just one tissue or  another, but whole breasts.  
Guess this is being done for research, but  perhaps someday for mastectomy or 
transplant purposes??.  Clearly we are  somewhat able to grow some body 
organs.  What's next --- growing whole arms  or legs for transplantation???  
Good luck!!!!  Grown from STEM cells  from an affected individual/patient??.
      Apparently it is difficult/not  possible for someone with a brain 
injury to regenerate brain tissue.   Perhaps someday someone will grow brain 
tissue outside of the body (from STEM  cells??) in the laboratory.  It's 
alive, it's alive!!!  This would  help cure possibly many diseases.  Mental 
retardation, ALS???, Parkinson's  disease, Cerebral Palsy and many others.  An 
adept surgeon could install  the brain tissue grown in a laboratory outside of 
the body???  It may be a  while until this happens.  Patients in wheel 
chairs for years might walk  again???  Hope so.
      Regards,     Joe  Preisig

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