[ RadSafe ] a strange shielding problem

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Thu Jul 2 00:45:30 CDT 2015

      Anyone have a contact with Ethiopian  radiation safety persons????
      Searches go on for the Ark of the Covenant  and perhaps a copy or 
two.  See Ancient Alien TV shows...
      One possible location of the Ark of the  Covenant is Oak Island, 
Canada.  2 brothers from Michigan are looking for  treasure there (on TV also) 
and they continue to have trouble with a water  flooding system, which keeps 
people from finding the treasure underground.   One could probably turn off 
the water flooding system, if one were adept at  hydrogeology.  Guys, give 
me a call or email me???
      Another location of the Ark of the covenant  may be at a secured 
church in Ethiopia.  The Ark is protected by one or two  priests, around the 
clock.  No one gets in but these priests.  The Ark  allegedly contains some 
nuclear technology device or radiation source.  And  the tablets with the 10 
      The priests guarding the Ark apparently have  cataract problems (due 
to neutron exposure???) and also experience some  life-shortening effects.
       Perhaps a local African health  physicist should make some neutron, 
gamma etc. measurements just outside the  Ethiopian church complex to see 
what is going on, and perhaps design some  radiation shielding to better 
protect these priests.  Any takers???
      Joe Preisig

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