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Singleton, Corey csingleton at ucsd.edu
Wed Jul 22 17:19:32 CDT 2015


UC San Diego is hiring a Health Physicist for the campus to cover all types of research found at a broad scope research and medical facility, including radioactive materials, x-ray producing machines and lasers.  UC San Diego has approximately 31,000 students, 29,000 academic & staff employees and an annual research budget of $1.1B. The campus is located next to the Pacific Ocean and we enjoy mild weather all year long.


Please encourage anyone who is qualified to apply!


The Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Health Specialist works under the general direction of the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). Incumbent is responsible for the design, development, management and implementation of assigned radiation safety programs. He/she provides technical support to assigned Radioisotope Use Authorizations (RUAs). Incumbent provides general and specific radiation safety training and provides radiation program technical support to the Research Assistance Group. Incumbent attends and provides technical information for various committees. Responds to radiological events, and serves on the afterhours call back team for campus emergency response.


*         Demonstrated ability to design, develop, manage and implement elements of a Radiation Safety program.

*         Detailed knowledge of California Radiation Control Regulations, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations and U.S. Department of Transportation regulations relative to the control and use of radioactive materials, the shipping and receiving of radioactive materials, radiation dosimetry, contamination control, radiation shielding, etc.

*         Detailed knowledge of the broad scope Type A Radioactive Materials license issued to the University.

*         Hold a Scientific Degree in radiation safety, science, or equivalent education, and experience in the field.

*         Demonstrated ability to conduct detailed radioisotope use and machine use laboratory audits.

*         Knowledge of radiation producing machines used in radiological procedures.

*         Demonstrated in depth knowledge of radioisotope handling techniques.

*         Ability to evaluate radiation spills and situations requiring first aid or evacuation while minimizing personnel exposure and contamination.

*         Knowledge of radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine procedures for diagnosis and therapy.

*         In depth knowledge of the principles of biological uptake and retention/excretion functions of radioisotopes in humans.

*         In depth knowledge of radioisotope measurement/analysis techniques using: liquid scintillation, NaI spectroscopy, and survey equipment including Geiger counters, NaI monitors, ion chambers, gas proportional counters, etc.

*         Ability to perform shielding evaluations in the laboratory environment and for various x-ray machine applications per all regulatory requirements.

*         Ability to evaluate lab protocols for potential dose pathways, both internal and external.

*         Ability to effectively use computer applications and to write effective reports. Ability to manipulate existing software and databases. Ability to test and evaluate new software.

*         Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate radiation safety principles and practices in writing. Ability to write and follow written procedures.

*         Proven ability to communicate honestly, effectively and easily with senior research staff, principal investigators and health care professionals.

*         Ability to use personal protective equipment. Ability and willingness to respond to emergency situations, as well as ability to analyze situations and provide necessary leadership.

*         BS in an appropriate scientific field and 3 years experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Corey Singleton, CHP
Radiation Safety Officer
Environment Health & Safety
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Dr. #0091
La Jolla, CA 92093-0091
c 858-583-3268
w 858-822-4045
f 858-346-9318

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