[ RadSafe ] Backwards compatability for radiological software run on newer computers

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Many of the older programs are being updated to run on newer operating systems. Have you looked at the web sites for some of the programs? Contact the owners/maintaining group of the specific programs of interest to you. 

EPA is in the process of updating CAP88. They  spoke about the effort at the last Health Physics meeting and probably will speak about it again.  

The RESRAD family is maintained by Argonne Nat Lab and it is updated fairly frequently.  Go to the RESRAD web site and look for the latest.  If you don't find what you need, send them a message and ask.
Grove Software/Radiation Software says that Microshield is Windows 8.1 compatible. Go to their website and take a look. 

What else?
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I recommend you continue running the XP emulator.


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      Well, for old software, if you can get the  source code, update the computer code, change input/output devices as  needed.  This can be a long process.  Recompile the code and get it  running. 
      Many radiation computer codes are available  from the RSICC (Radiation Shielding Information Center at OakRidge National  Lab).  See their website.  Some of the computer codes at RSICC were  written for older computers (CDC, Cray, DEC etc.).  They may need some  modification.
    For some computer codes, the original  writers of the code may have 
more modern versions, which may be available, for  the asking or a slight 
fee.  Contact them by email and/or ask around.  Search the internet.
RESRAD emanates from Argonne National Lab, I think.  There should be  
fairly modern versions of Microshield and CAP-88 available somewhere.  Buying a 
new version of such codes may be preferable to modifying the old source code.
    If you tell me what you are trying to do (i.e. the  relevant problem), I might be able to suggest some relevant computer  codes.  But I am a Fortran Programmer (a programming dinosaur????) and  might not have much knowledge of the latest hardware/software.  email  me???
Take Care.
    Regards,  Joe Preisig
PS  MCNP is a sophisticated Monte Carlo code for neutron/gamma/photon problems, but it takes a while to learn.  MCNPX is a neutron/hadron  transport code for use at higher energies.  Other such codes are  available.  Team USA isn't building many new particle accelerators these  days --- they just use the CERN Large Hadron Collider or whatever world  accelerator is relevant.
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Group,  what experience is there for "backwards" compatability for "old"  
software like CAP88-PC, Microshield, RESRAD/RESRAD-Build and the  newer Windows operating systems.  I currentl run the above on an  emulator running Windows XP on a Macbook.  I am considering a  Surface-3 tablet which is running Windows 8.1 I think.

Thanks in  advance,

Scott  Davidson

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