[ RadSafe ] Advanced propulsion and radiation safety

Joseph Preisig jrpnj01 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 21:46:27 CST 2015

Hey group,

     Hope you all are well.

     google youtube and escape from area 51       a youtube by the Schratt
fellow on area 51, space aliens/extraterrestrials,
wormholes/stargates/einstein-rosen-bridges, a real stargate in the usa etc.

     German's circa 1940's worked on many various propulsion systems ---
Victor Schauburger's system, another system, flying saucers using single
jet engines (vertical) with larger fan blades, glocke, haunebu and so on.
Team USA currently has a TR3B, and possibly anti-gravity propulsion systems
using amplification of the nuclear strong force (see youtubes by bob

     The glocke (i.e. the bell) had 2 rotating spheres of mercury or some
other magical liquid.  I don't want to talk about reasons for having 2 such
spheres, but maybe you can figure the reasons out.  Think aerodynamic
flight stability.   Some youtubes on the internet associate the glocke with
relativistic (i.e. time travel or space-time torsion) effects.  Other
youtubes claim there is a U233/Thorium breeding cycle going on in the
glocke,  I'll just assume the glocke is used as an advanced flight system.
     When you spin mercury or whatever. you can generate magnetic fields,
which can be used to counter the Earth's gravity.  Also, when you rotate
mercury quickly, you generate synchrotron radiation.  And according to
youtubes about the glocke, the radiation from the glocke was quite
prevalent, and harmed scientists, workers, test subjects to the point of
lethality.  Details about the effects are given in the youtubes.  A USA
version of the glocke may have crashed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania???
      The haunebu is a more advanced flight system then the glocke, but
also is based on a system of spinning mercury or other compound.  Perhaps
this is why there is a downed U-boat containing mercury off of Norway, and
why Germany was shipping mercury to Japan at the end of WW2.  The haunebu
propulsion is called Thule Tachyonator, or something else, but it involved
a sphere of mercury and a high voltage system to make the mercury spin
quickly.  I'm not sure you could spin mercury mechanically fast enough to
make flight happen.  I expect the haunebu has the spinning mercury sphere
on one level of the spacecraft, and the multiple humans are on a different
level.  Perhaps this is why the haunebu has a flying saucer shape.  The
bottom portion of the haunebu has gun turrets for attack purposes.  See the
many haunebu schematics on the internet.  The haunebu's did fly during WW2,
and I saw one youtube that said they did some serious damage to a group of
Allied bombers during an attack  during the end of WW2.
     Team USA's current version of an electromagnetic flight system might
be the TR3B, which has been observed by civilians on the ground.  It is
propelled by mercury or whatever circulating in a torus-shaped ring (a
doughnut).  Google magnetic field disruptor???  In this craft, the crew
sits inside of the torus and thus is not exposed to the outwardly-driven
synchrotron radiation.  Ground crew might have to worry about radiation
exposure, until the engine is turned off.  The spinning mercury effectively
counters gravity, making high velocities possible and the alleged 90 degree
sharp turns.
      Well, that's enough for now.....

      Joe Preisig

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