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     Apparently the WW2 Germans tried to fly a spacecraft through a
wormhole (Einstein-Rosen bridge) with some not so good results.  The
spacecraft was damaged and frazzled on the way out (see various youtubes).
Don't know if the flight crew died.  Can't fly too large of a spacecraft
through a wormhole???

     2015 is 100 year anniversary of Einstein's General Relativity.  Guess
the WW2 Germans had an eye on Einstein's special and general relativity
publications/papers.  The 1915 General Relativity paper is in the
literature and one about Einstein-Rosen bridges also.  See also the thick
book by Misner, Thorn and Wheeler.  A tough read, though....

     Guess some of the higher-ranking Germans fled to Argentina and/or
Antarctica after WW2.  Apparently they built a base in Antarctica (New
Schwabenland), which had good geothermal heating characteristics.  See
youtubes on operation Paperclip and operation High Jump.  There's a show on
TV now about some guys trying to figure out how Hitler escaped from
Germany and lived for many years in
Argentina--- they have declassified FBI/CIA memos supporting the belief
that Hitler was in Argentina.  There are also stories of many Uboats and
German Scientists and other people disappearing (alive???) after the war.

     According to other youtubes, Team USA is currently working on
wormholes, naturally and artificially created???, with some ready-to-go???
flying vehicles at Area 51 or nearby.  There are youtubes of active
collaborations with space aliens/time travelers, extraterrestrials and Team
USA.  Allegedly Eisenhower had met with various space aliens at a US
Military base and started these collaborations.  See Schratt's youtube
about wormholes, space aliens, ET's, time travelers etc.  There is another
youtube about another US Scientist/Engineer who had an armed confrontation
with some space alien-types and lived to talk about it.  Apparently he
talked about it too much and had a visit from the Men in Black, and he
didn't survive the visit???

      I guess you don't have to radiation-shield a US or other spacecraft
all that well if it is going to reach it's destination fairly quickly via a
wormhole, using an Electromagnetic propulsion or strong force
(anti-gravity) propulsion system.
Bob Lazar has some comments about radiation shielding in his youtube.
      Joe Preisig

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