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Johansen, Kjell Kjell.Johansen at nexteraenergy.com
Thu Sep 3 13:25:00 CDT 2015

For references on the risk from the radioactivity in coal and fly ash, I suggest the following publications:

1.0               K. R. Smith et. al., 2001, Radiological impact on the UK population of industries which use or produce materials containing enhanced levels of naturally occurring radionuclides, Part1:  Coal-fired electricity generation ( National Radiation Protection Board, NRPB-R327)

2.0               EPA  1998,  Study of hazardous air pollutant emissions from electric utility steam generating units - final report to Congress, EPA-453/R-98-004a

3.0               USCEAR 1993

I realize that these references are a bit old but they still may be useful.

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