[ RadSafe ] INSJ Special Issue on the 5 Years Anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi Accident

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Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to  submit or recommend articles to the 
International Nuclear Safety Journal (INSJ),  which is a peer-reviewed open access 
journal. The articles for the special issue  on the 5 years anniversary of the 
Fukushima Daiichi accident may include review  papers and original, 
unpublished research papers related to this specific  theme.

The following list of potential topics is provided to stimulate  ideas. 
Authors are not restricted to this list, but submissions must provide  relevant 
and practical insights related to the use of lessons learned from the  
Fukushima Daiichi accident and insights into the accident, its progression and  
current facility status, including topics such as:
- Special reviews  performed after the accident, including the European “
stress tests”
- New  regulatory requirements and approaches; revised safety goals and 
reference  levels
- Human and organizational factors
- Safety culture in the  organizations constructing and operating nuclear 
- Protection  against extreme external events
- Defense-in-depth philosophy and design  upgrades
- Revisions to design and beyond design basis accident scenarios;  
treatment of design extension conditions
- Accident management strategies,  including NEI's FLEX strategy and French 
hard core concepts
- Improvements in  the training programs
- Emergency preparedness and response; improvements in  the conduct of 
emergency exercises
- Environmental remediation
- New  knowledge regarding the core damage assessments and accident 
sequence and plant  damage
- Assessments of seismic damage and their contribution to the  accident
- Radiological characterizations of the Fukushima Daiichi units
-  Decontamination efforts
- Onsite and offsite dose assessments
- Current  radiological status
- Nuclear safety research
- Risk communication
-  Regulatory strategies and action plans; implications for safety culture 
in the  regulatory authorities.

The articles are expected to be submitted online  through our electronic 
submission system on the INSJ website.    
Please register 
(http://nuclearsafety.info/international-nuclear-safety-journal/index.php/INSJ/user/register)  and submit your article 

The Editorial Board consists of distinguished professionals from around the 
 world and we select subject-matter experts to conduct the reviews.  

Both the publication and the access to the articles are free of any  
charge. This ensures that your articles will reach a very wide audience.   

You have the opportunity to contribute with your knowledge and experience  
to the promotion of a healthy nuclear safety culture at international level, 
by  showing how you have made use of the lessons learned from the Fukushima 
Daiichi  accident to improve nuclear safety in your area of activity.

The special  issue is due to be published in March 2016.

Deadline for submission of  papers: November 30, 2015

J. J. Bevelacqua, Editor of the Special Issue

Madalina Tronea,  Editor-in-Chief


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