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Otto G. Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
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>September 25, 2015

When I started  radiation safety works in 1958, radiation standards
were based on  limiting exposures based on the International
Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) Publication 2.

The methods were straight-forward and sound based on
limiting exposures.

For example, ICRP 2 page 82 states sound limits for
internal exposure to plutonium isotopes. For example.
no plutonium worker was allowed to exceed  a
lung burden of 16 nCi of Pu-239.

In the early days thousands of workers were exposed including me
to inhaled plutonium at Los Alamos, Rocky Flats, Handford, Kerr-Magee,
the Nevada Test Site and elsewhere, but there has been no known
lung cancer case that were associated with inhaled plutonium-239
at those facilities..

ICRP 2 is a good example of how to end the
Linear-No-Threshold (LNT) fallacy.


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