[ RadSafe ] Panasonic UD-814 Technical Specification Sheet

Stacey Alderson salderson at stoller.com
Thu Apr 7 12:22:49 CDT 2016

Can anyone help with providing a technical specification sheet for the Panasonic UD-814AS TLD?  Also, I am reviewing a document in which a single UD-814AS is placed at a height of 1 meter for 90 days.  After the exposure period the single TLD is recovered and processed.  The variability amongst the three calcium sulfate elements is assessed and if not acceptable additional TLD measurements will be made?  The document infers that the three calcium sulfate elements are independent measurements.  Is this an acceptable method? I was under the assumption that the average of the three elements was used to account for element manufacturing inconsistency and annealing.


Stacey Alderson

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