[ RadSafe ] Uranium Source

ROYCE Christopher (AREVA) christopher.royce at areva.com
Fri Apr 8 11:40:56 CDT 2016

I would like to post the following:

"I am looking for a Uranium source for calibration and checks of PIPs detectors. Anybody have anything they want to get rid of? Anyone know of manufacturers that I'm not thinking of? We are an Uranium Fuel Facility and I would like to use what we look for as our calibration source. Unfortunately, no one (EZ) won't make me anything hotter than 7500 dpm. I'd like to be in the 40-50kdpm range. Or at least 20k. I'm open to nat, dep, different enrichments. I'd like to get something 47 mm electroplated, but a button source would do too. Thanks!"

Christopher L Royce, CSP, RRPT, MS
Health Physicist

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