[ RadSafe ] International Radiation Shielding - Radiation Protection Conference, Paris 3-6 October 2016

radiation radiation at noos.fr
Sat Aug 13 04:29:16 CDT 2016

The 13th International Conference on Radiation Shielding - Radiation 
Protection & Shielding Division Topical Meeting 2016 of American Nuclear 
Society ICRS-13 & RPSD-2016 
<https://fr.xing-events.com/icrs13-rpsd2016.html>is scheduled for 3-6 
October 2016 in Paris France. The detailed program 
is now available and can be downloaded and registration 
<https://fr.xing-events.com/icrs13-rpsd2016.html?page=1360138>is now open.

Enrico Sartori, Honorary Chairman of ICRS13

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