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I see the "Ecologist" is founder of anti-nuclear "Beyond Nuclear" site
that is not mentioned in this post - the comments by the Prime
Minister, though, probably are not really reflective of the true risk.

Roger Helbig
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Fukushima PM Naoto Kan: 'if you love your country, let nuclear go!',
Ecologist Linda Pentz Gunter 12th February 2016   Nuclear power is a
uniquely hazardous technology that can destroy entire nations, Japan's
prime minister at the time of the Fukushima nuclear disaster has
warned British MPs. The lessons of from such catastrophes must be
heeded in other countries that believe that nuclear fission can be
harnessed safely, writes Linda Pentz Gunter - or they, and the world,
will reap the whirlwind.......

 no coincidence that the leaders at the time of the two countries that
have experienced the world's most catastrophic nuclear disasters, are
fervent campaigners against any further use of nuclear energy.

They see the choice to continue with nuclear power, knowing the risk
to the nation they swear an oath to protect, as tantamount to
declaring war on your own country.

Former leaders during nuclear meltdowns, now oppose nuclear power

Former Soviet Premier, Mikhail Gorbachev, who led the then USSR during
the April 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion in Ukraine; and
Naoto Kan who was prime minister of Japan when the March 2011
Fukushima nuclear disaster began, both now travel the speakers'
circuit extolling the need to abolish nuclear power.

Kan, now 69, who resigned the premiership in August 2011, has become a
ubiquitous and compelling voice for the global anti-nuclear movement.
Gorbachev is equally on board but, due to age and infirmity (he turns
85 on March 2nd) is less often in evidence.

Kan made his case in January during a presentation at the UK's House
of Commons co-organized by Nuclear Free Local Authorities, Green Cross
International (the group Gorbachev founded) and Nuclear Consulting
Group. Gorbachev was scheduled but had to cancel.

Kan compared the potential worst-case devastation that could be caused
by a nuclear power plant meltdown as tantamount only to "a great world
war. Nothing else has the same impact."

Japan escaped such a dire fate during the Fukushima disaster, said Kan
only "due to luck". But he is clearly haunted by the map his advisors
showed him in the early days of the still unfolding triple meltdowns,
one he screened for his London audience:

"I was shown this map with a 250km radius around Fukushima. An area
home to 50 million people. One quarter of the country's population
would have had to flee if all the fuel had escaped at Fukushima. We
came that close. If 50 million people had had to evacuate Japan, as a
state our very survival would have been questioned."

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