[ RadSafe ] Arnie Gunderson and Harvey Wasserman knew that shutdown of San Onofre nuclear station was a “seismic event” for the industry

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 01:27:40 CST 2016

Wasserman and Gundersen - and Counterpunch - this probably reaches a
lot of people who tend to believe them -

Roger Helbig

I love the way Gunderson refers to himself as Chief Nuclear Engineer
or Fairewinds - to be chief, don't you need indians?  He has quite a
racket and I wonder how much influence he and his followers have had
on Bernie Sanders.

Arnie Gunderson and Harvey Wasserman knew that shutdown of San Onofre
nuclear station was a “seismic event” for the industry

by Christina MacPherson

Why the Current Nuclear Showdown in California Should Matter to You,
Sunset for Nuclear Power?  CounterPunch, by JAMES HEDDLE (Ecological
Options Network in Bolinas, CA)

".........The shutdown of San Onofre in 2012 was hailed as ‘a seismic
event’ for the nuclear industry.

The man who said that was in a position to know whereof he spoke,
because he had once been an executive in that very industry AND had
played an important part as a consultant to

Friends of the Earth in helping to get San Onofre shut down.

That would be Arnie Gundersen. His partner Maggie Gundersen , founded
and is president of Fairewinds Energy Education, for which Arnie
serves as Chief Nuclear Engineer.http://www.fairewinds.org/

The Fairewinds organization has emerged as a major player in informing
the public about the risks of nuclear power and the real potential of
what lifelong No Nukes campaigner Harvey

Wasserman calls a solartopian transition to a renewable energy economy.

Since the San Onofre shutdown, and with a renewed sense of risk
triggered by being on the frontline of Fukushima fallout, a resurgent
Nuclear Free California movement has turned its attention to Diablo
Canyon. There, two aging, embrittled reactors sited over 13 (count em)
intersecting earthquake faults, in a seismically active state, in a
tsunami zone (just like Fukushima), are being operated by a company
under state investigation and federal indictment for safety

Back in 1981, history’s most massive non-violent blockade to that
date, with thousands participating, occurred at Diablo in a
valiant-but-futile attempt to prevent the plant’s start-up.

Today, the operating licenses for the plant’s two remaining reactors
are set to expire in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Now, with its age, precarious location, serious environmental impacts,
massive killing of marine life, public safety risks, PG&E negligence,
seismic and tsunami vulnerabilities, public safety risks, management
incompetence, lax regulatory oversight, economic viability and energy
contribution all being called into question, pressure is building for
shutdown of the plant’s two remaining reactors.

2015 began with a regional conference organized by a statewide
coalition and hosted by Mothers for Peace in the plant’s home county,
San Luis Obispo, aimed at mobilizing public awareness and local,
regional and national pressure for closure.

Gundersens and Wasserman both closed the year with well-attended
speaking tours designed to encourage informed opposition to the
plant’s continued operation.

PG&E officials themselves are on record as being unsure whether or not
the beleaguered utility – ‘with a lot on its plate right now’ – will
seek extension of the licenses.

California’s Lt. Governor, Gavin Newsom – a former San Francisco mayor
who chairs the state’s Land Commission, and is already running for
Governor in 2018 – recently opined that “I just don’t see that this
plant is going to survive beyond 2024, 2025. I just don’t see that…
And there is a compelling argument as to why it shouldn’t.”......


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