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Joseph Preisig jrpnj01 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 22:37:49 CST 2016


     Hope you all are well.  Stong  Weak  Electromagnetic  Gravity  --- 4
fundamental forces.  You can read about how they are connected in the book
Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics by Goldhaber and another guy.
Get the latest version of the book with all the neutrino stuff in the back
of the book.  The relationships of the weak strong and EM forces are now
pretty well known.  See Wikipedia on the internet also....

    I guess Einstein was trying, at the end of his career, to link gravity
to the other 3 forces.  Trying to make a Unified Field Theory.  Google UFT,
if you wish.  The weak force is involved with neutron decay.

    So, for a while now I've been posting on Radsafe about advanced flight
propulsion systems and how they work.  These propulsion systems have led me
to think of a fairly simple Gedanken (i.e. Einstein's thought experiments)
experiment which might possibly result in a nice link between the EM and
gravity forces.  This experiment can be run with some effort, and I think
it has been run in various ways.  This email is just a message to suggest
that a connection between the EM and gravity forces exists.  And, some good
theoretical physicists, in time, can probably write some equations which
describe the connection between the EM force and gravity.  Think about the
problem, if you wish, and think about the advanced propulsion systems
(circa 1940-1945) and maybe you can come up with the same
gedanken experiment.

     I have sent an email about the gedanken experiement to several
friends, and may continue to work on this problem.  Maybe UFT will be
completed one day soon.  A good book on Gravitation/General Relativity is
by Misner, Thorn and Wheeler.  google special relativity   or    general
relativity   .

     Joe Preisig

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