[ RadSafe ] Storage Well

sfisher373 at aol.com sfisher373 at aol.com
Thu Jan 14 14:41:09 CST 2016

 There goes my property value.  I own a piece of property on which there is a storage well.  I do not own the well, as I own the property, not the mineral rights.  However, the gas line that runs to and from the storage well pays me a yearly fee for land access and right of way.  

Now you tell me about Radon.  So there goes my property value.  Guess that it does not count that property is 1km from a LNG farm.  Also I have a river that runs through my property that is an overflow for the Welland Canal.  They dredge the river and dump the deposits on the river bank.  Those deposits are rich in oil, and other waste from the canal.  Toxic they tell me, as they dredge for free, but if I do not want the sludge, I would have to pay for the disposal.   

But nothing is as scary as radon.  OH MY GOSH, WHAT WILL I DO?

SM Fisher



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