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Michael Ford michael.ford at fordesh.com
Wed Jan 20 22:43:19 CST 2016

Dear Colleagues,

After having first joined this forum almost 20 years ago, I’ve been happily following the conversations again for the last several months after being away for several years.

It’s hard not to notice that the amount of discussions that would take place in one month on RadSafe in the late 90’s are now close to the yearly volume of discussions.

While it’s somewhat sad to see that trend occurring, it also leads me to ask what’s going on in my colleague’s lives that has led to this decline in collegial discourse and debate.

With the “graying" of our profession, I’m inclined to believe that there are many things contributing to the decline of RadSafe discussions that are not within our own control.  There are multiple forces at work that are both leading to a loss of historical knowledge in critical institutions and environments, as well as an influx of new radiation safety professionals with non-traditional education and training, and almost zero mentoring.

However,  instead of assuming or guessing at the causes, I thought I would ask two simple questions of this esteemed group and hopefully learn a few things.

1.  What is your Number One business challenge? and
2.  Can you solve it on your own?

You can find the survey here:

It’s a total of five questions and should take no more than 2 minutes of your time.  In turn, my task will be to (1) share the results with you all, and (2) develop some innovative solutions that will help solve some of those challenges.

Thank you all in advance for your indulgence of my simple questions.

It’s good to be back!

Committed to Your Success!


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