[ RadSafe ] Data logging with Victoreen / Fluke 451 ion chambers

Carl Willis carl.willis at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 19:30:38 CDT 2016


I'm curious if anyone here is knowledgeable about Victoreen's / Fluke's
software for downloading data logged by the 451 range of ion chambers.

1.  Does anyone have a schematic diagram of a 451-series instrument showing
how its non-standard four-pin serial plug is wired?

2.  Does the "451EXL" software package sold by Fluke work on any version of
MS Excel more recent than Excel 2000, e.g. Excel 2016?

3.  For data logged internally by the instrument (i.e. with the instrument
not connected to a computer), what does the downloaded data record look
like?  The "451EXL" package literature shows a figure in which two data
columns are visible, one of which is a temperature(!?) and the other of
which is a (presumably simultaneous) doserate measurement.  I'm curious if
this record can also contain a timestamp.  If anyone has an example of such
a data record, I would love to look at it; feel free to forward the
spreadsheet to my email.

4.  If one does not want to use the old "451EXL" package, due to concerns
about its cost, its compatibility, its platform limitations, etc., is there
still a way to access the internal data record of the instrument or
configure its data recording options?  Does anyone have a set of
Victoreen's old terminal commands by which the instrument is programmed?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Carl Willis

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