[ RadSafe ] They are suggesting that this video be shown all over the world “NUCLEAR JAPAN”

ROY HERREN royherren2005 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 1 18:16:29 CDT 2016

The article states, "if it weren’t for the nuclear accident, most of those lives could have been saved".  This supposition strikes me as being more wishful thinking than anything related to fact.  The loss of life from the earthquake and related Tsunami are staggering, however they are in all likelihood completely unrelated to the reactors damage.
  These proponents of eliminating nuclear power from Japan remind me a lot of the groups here that want to close the Hetch Hectchyreservoir. It's insufficient to merely advocate for removal of an invaluable resource, if they really want to effect change they must provide a reasonable path forward.  If Japan is to remain an midern industrial nation it will require an adaquate domestically controllable energy supply to utilize in place of nuclear power. Has this group provided a plan for how to achieve such a goal?  What about the proponents of shutting down Hetch Hetchy, have they provided a detailed plan of action for how to replace the water currently used by San Francisco? Even if one or either of these groups came up with a plan and funding it would take many years, if not decades, to bring their plans to fruition.  What would the people use for an invaluable resource in the interim between these groups dreamed of closure and the replacement of
 the resource?   

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