[ RadSafe ] They are ecstatic in San Francisco - bad news for nuclear power

ROY HERREN royherren2005 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 22 00:08:29 CDT 2016

As a long term PG&E customer I see this as bad news.  Not only will the rate paying customers be stuck with the decommissioning costs, but no doubt we'll also be stuck paying for the new infrastructure.   By the way, we've already been paying for the "Nuclear Decommissioning " for decades.  As part of the "Your Electric Charges Breakdown" for this last month's billing period I was charged $0.18 for Nuclear Decommissioning.   Since tens of millions of us having been paying into this fund for decades it should contain quite a sizable balance when the decommissioning process eventually starts, however given the pernicious effects of inflation I'd hazard a guess that it's unlikely to be fully sufficient to cover all of the Decommissioning costs.  Oh yeah, my current bill also has a line for "Conservation Incentive" and the charge is $22.52.  So my guess is that PG&E's  magnanimous offer for efficiencies
 will be paid for by it's customers. 

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