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Sun Mar 13 09:14:17 CDT 2016

My bad, there is a decimal point that I missed, so the data are 1.74 
muSv/hr and 0.86 muSv/hr. Thanks to Brad Keck for kindly pointing it out 
to me.

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On 03/12/2016 10:23 AM, Mattias Lantz wrote:
> This is very interesting, but what about the dose rates given in the 
> figure? 174 micro-Sv/hr sounds very high. On a flight back from Japan 
> I used a bGeigie Nano from Safecast. It only records gamma and beta 
> with some accuracy (optimized for Cs-137), other charged particles 
> will be recorded of course though some corrections would have to be 
> made. The peak value I recorded over northern Russia was about 4 
> micro-Sv/hr. But I really doubt that the neutron dose would contribute 
> to such high values, anything above 10-20 micro-Sv/hr sounds like too 
> high. Is it an error in conversion from muR/hr to muSv/hr?
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> Mattias Lantz

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