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On 3/19/2016 6:03 PM, Franz Schönhofer wrote:

>  Is there really anybody really interested in what clearly
> mentally sick, paranoid pseudoscientists write in their "Journals of
> paranoid antinuclear pseudoscientists"?

Yes - it helps to see the garbage that's being spewed out to the general
public and to see the correct information being put forth here.
We are all around the general public everyday and those who know our
profession look to us for clarification or confirmation/refutation of the
stuff that they get besieged with in the general press.
"To be forewarned is to be forearmed" Therefore if I see it here first I
know its out there and since Health Physics is a very broad field and since
not all controversy is necessarily in my field of expertise - if its
bounced around here I can see comments from those far more expert than I in
their field THUS - when queried by the the people I meet "out there" - I
will have the best and most accurate response I can.

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