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While I don't necessarily disagree with most of what you are saying, I seem to remember a whole mess of trouble over airport scanners that gave about 3 uR per scan. They actually got removed from the airports in favor or millimeter wave technology. No one refused to get on the plane after that scan that probably gave them a millirem per thousand miles of flight. Those old scanners are still in use, just not at airports. I never underestimate the unreasonableness of the American public when it comes to radiation risk perception. They may change their tune about it when they see the size of the cleanup bill the taxpayer will be saddled with...

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Sandy wrote:

"More likely that a dirty bomb would contain medical isotopes or other small sources where the emotional impact even without physical damage would be catastrophic. A small Cobalt-60 source or other source would be problematic as well."

The greatest threat from the explosion of a dirty bomb is to the careers of politicians and high-ranking bureaucrats. Thus the disproportionate concern over "nuclear terrorism" among our homeland security professionals - and their bosses. I for one have never accepted the trope that the American people are too ignorant and faint-hearted to understand just what small potatoes a "dirty bomb" really is.

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