[ RadSafe ] "LOSS OF POOP ACCIDENT" (LOPA) --Bird Poop Caused Shut Down at Nuclear Plant - Power Engineering

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Tue Mar 29 11:18:30 CDT 2016

Subject: Bird Poop Caused Shut Down at Indian Point 3 Nuclear Plant - Power Engineering

It is worth nothing that Power Engineering Magazine reports a 3 day outage due to a trip at a nuclear power plant caused by “bird poop.” So now in addition to analyzing for a potential LOCA at a nuclear plant, or the very common LOBA (“Loss of Blade Accident”- many hundreds to date) with wind turbines (whereby multi-ton blade fragments have broken off and flown well over a km, even crashing through 25 cm stone walls, and actually leading to a human fatality), we have the issue just reported of “Loss of Poop Accidents” (LOPA) which knocked Indian Point #3 offline recently.


> http://www.power-eng.com/articles/2016/03/bird-poop-caused-shut-down-at-indian-point-3-nuclear-plant.html

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