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I strongly doubt that any of these incidents has risen to the level of
"disaster" -

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Unfolding nuclear disasters in America

by Christina MacPherson
Is This The 4th Recent Nuclear Disaster To Strike The U.S.? Natural
Blaze, MAY 6, 2016 By Brandon Turbeville

Is there any nuclear site in the United States that is not currently
collapsing, leaking or otherwise posing a major health or
environmental risk? Certainly there are, but that number is becoming
smaller and smaller.

In addition to three other nuclear disasters unfolding across the
country, a fourth has now arisen. This new disaster is located in
Washington state in a facility known as the Hanford site.

One week after 19 workers were sent for medical evaluation as the
nuclear waste tank was being transferred because of a leak, 3 more
workers are now being reported as injured at the site. According to
RT, the workers inhaled radioactive fumes – the same issue facing the
19 previously hospitalized workers. This brings the injured number of
workers up to 22.......

Although the facility was decommissioned at the end of the Cold War,
the facility has been used to store nuclear waste. In fact, according
to RT, two-thirds of America’s radioactive materials are stored at
this location which makes it one of the largest facilities of its kind
in the world.

The storage tanks which were built as early as 1940 and as late as
1970 contain 56 million gallons of radioactive chemicals.

According Gerry Pollet, a Washington State Representative, those tanks
were never expected to last longer than 20 years.

Pollet says,

Twenty years was a dream in the first place. And, as you know, some of
them didn’t last 20 years – and we had a small explosion on the 1950s.
That hot waste boiled; created a steam explosion under the tank, and
we were lucky that we didn’t have half of eastern Washington having to
be permanently evacuated.

The company operating the facility acknowledged “higher-than-normal
readings for contamination” for a certain tank, but claimed that the
readings “well below the alarm level.” RT correspondent Alexey
Yaroshevsky traveled to the Hanford site with a Geiger counter.

Yaroshevsky measured the radiation levels of a rock laying well
outside of the containment facility and, while the readings were not
considered an emergency even the reporter’s handheld device registered
a higher-than-normal level of radiation.

Yaroshevsky wondered aloud whether or not the radiation levels closer
to the center to the containment facility would be much higher. The
reports of the Hanford site leakage now add a West Coast dimension to
the nuclear crisis that has escalated in the last few weeks.

In addition to Hanford, reports West Lake Landfill in St. Louis,
Missouri which houses sizable amounts of nuclear waste is facing an
approaching fire from an adjacent landfill that threatens to turn West
Lake into a cauldron of radioactive air pollution. In addition, a
nuclear power plant in Turkey Point, Florida is reportedlyleaking
polluted water into Biscayne Bay. New York’s Indian Point power plant
is also threatening to become a major radioactive incident. Constant
leaks, mishaps and other signs of an outright collapse have existed at
Indian Point for quite some time but have increased in frequency over
the last year.

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