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I don't think the "current public" is not much different from any previous generation nor will it be from future ones. Expecting the majority of people to think hard enough about any subject to master it's subtleties is beyond any reasonable hope. Demagogues will always have the advantage over true experts.  Someone once said not to throw pearls before swine. Though I expect that the intent has been somewhat garbled over the past 2,000 years, I'm convinced that the speaker was getting at basically the same idea.

I think you are correct about speaking up when the opportunity arises. This will at least get the correct information out there and available for the few who are willing to make the effort to educate themselves.


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Hello Franz,

I agree. The public does not understand and these groups desire to keep it that way. The current public will never be educated, however, the education must begin when a child is at an early age, which means that this will take a generation or two before the appropriate message is understood. The current population is essentially lost and will continue to be swayed by individual with an agenda and the promotion of inaccurate data. We should speak out whenever, and if we are able to convince one individual with accurate information, then that is a good thing.



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