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Egidi, Philip Egidi.Philip at epa.gov
Thu Nov 17 13:10:47 CST 2016

Here is a new posting for a GS-15 in DC at EPA HQ


Salary Range
$128,082.00 to $160,300.00 / Per Year


The incumbent provides authoritative advice on risks of health effects from exposure to ionizing radiation. Collaborate with other scientists within the Center for Science and Technology (CST) on projects involving the development, critiquing, implementation and documentation of models for the assessment of health effects associated with different modes of exposure. Evaluate and review one or more of the following: a) epidemiological and risk modeling literature used to develop EPA radiation risk estimates; b) radiobiological findings relevant to evaluating the assessment of risks from radiation at low doses and/or dose rates; and c) models used to evaluate radiation dose associated with different modes of exposure. Provide scientific expertise in discipline(s) such as radiobiology, radiation epidemiology, statistics, and biophysics as a member of EPA, inter-agency and external task groups dealing with radiation protection and risk assessment. Maintains contacts with other scientists active in areas relating to radiation science and risk assessment. Keeps abreast of recent scientific findings relating to risks from radiation and methods for assessing such risk. Presents authoritative papers at meetings of professional societies and publishes scientific peer-reviewed articles. Enhances the visibility of the Office of Radiation and Indoor Air in areas relating to radiation science and risk assessment both inside and outside the agency.
To qualify for the GS-15 level, you need to have at least one year of full time experience equivalent to the GS-14 level defined as: 1) Experience evaluating potential health effects resulting from exposure to radioactive materials; AND 2) Experience applying principles, theories, concepts, methods and techniques of radiation protection. Your answers to the on-line assessment will be used to evaluate your competencies in the following areas: Advanced knowledge of scientific risk analysis; Ability to interpret models for calculating risk from ionizing radiation; skill in interpreting results from scientific studies on risks of health effects from exposure to radiation; The ability and knowledge to represent EPA as a national expert; skill in oral presentation of scientific information to national and international organizations concerned with radiation science; Skill in developing written materials to convey information from scientific studies on radiation health effects; Advanced knowledge in one or more of the following disciplines; radiobiology, epidemiology, statistical and radiation physics; strong quantitative skills and familiarity with computer programming and statistical software tools; The ability to exercise good judgement in interpreting and adapting scientific information and in developing new approaches or concepts not previously used; Ability to analyze information from radiological research to recognize and evaluate significant factors in investigation, and to draw rational inferences based on statistical data; Ability to provide scientific expertise on radiation protection issues to senior management; Ability to evaluate technical proposals and serve as a contracting officer's representative.

May we live in interesting times!

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