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Background:  I work at a facility that deals with a large quantity of uranium.  We have several dikes around tanks (and other vessels such as tankers) that accumulate rain water and, if there is a leaking tank, whatever is in the tank (let's assume the tank contains a low level uranium solution.   The dikes need to be periodically emptied and are emptied onto the ground or sent for processing (very costly).  The criteria for placing the water on the ground or sending it for processing is currently 4-percent of the Derived Concentration Standards in DOE-STD-1196-2011.  For lack of any regulatory guidance that I am aware of, this value was selected because it is was the drinking water level in DOE Order 5400.5 (superseded by DOE O 458.1).

Question:  Do you know of any regulatory guidance that will provide limits for discharges such as this?  Have you developed your own criteria and are will to share it?

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