[ RadSafe ] Fwd: After many years, some news on BNCT: Japan-IAEA cooperation

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As to GBM, I don't know.  But protons are now in (relatively) widespread
use, in the USA, and, if they're good for anything, it's head and neck
cancer.  Here's a representative site: http://www.pennprotontherapy.org/ .
Fortheir part, the Japanese are also putting a good bit of money into
"heavy-ion" RT.

P.S.  There is a paper in this month's, or last month's, *J Nucl Med* about
a radiopharmaceutical therapy (tx) for GBM, I believe.

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According to the bulletin,
"BNCT, which is currently in clinical trials and is showing promise for
treatment of skin, neck and salivary gland cancers."
Oddly, no mention of glioblastoma (GBM), which has traditionally been the
focus of BNCT.
Are all other BNCT research programs around the world dead now ?
International BNCT symposia appear to have stopped as well.
Maybe all those dreadful cancers have been cured?


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