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Does anyone have some pencil dosimeters and chargers that are either not in
use or are surplus? 


For the past year I have been volunteering at a non-profit Catholic
paediatric hospital, St. Damien's, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. During a recent
radiation equipment survey I noted that they are not supplying personnel
dosimetry for the Haitian employee radiation techs, or the volunteer
radiation technicians who come to support the surgical teams from the US and
EU. The hospital lacks radiation survey equipment, hence the question of
potential x-ray exposure to the technicians arose.  


After ruling out TLD badges due to logistics and costs, direct read pencil
dosimeters appear to be a solution; coupled with the additional training for
the technicians.  


Hence, I am looking for some low cost, or donated, pencil dosimeters in the
0-200 mR range, with associated chargers that I can train the techs to use
and then leave them in Haiti with a daily log book.  


St. Damien's Women & Children hospital provides some great medical service
to the poor in Port-au-Prince, albeit with limited funds and limited
equipment. The hospital has some amazing volunteer physicians and nursing
teams (many from the US) and a dedicated Haitian staff.   


If anyone has surplus units that you are willing to part with, please e-mail
me directly at mncooper at ucdavis.edu.


Many thanks for your help, 



With regards,




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