[ RadSafe ] "RAD-ER 2016" Chernobyl radiological practicum

Carl Willis carl.willis at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 19:30:02 CDT 2016

Hello RADSAFErs,

Erik Kambarian, Edward Geist, and I are pleased to announce the scheduling
of "RAD-ER 2016", a week-long, hands-on radiation measurement and
protection program hosted by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP) and
organized by us in the USA.  Last year, we ran a single "pilot" session
that was most enjoyable.  This year, we're hosting two sessions for eight
participants each.

Dates: November 6-12, 2016 (Session One), November 13-19 (Session Two)


-Using a variety of detection instruments, including ones you bring
yourself, we will explore the radiation environment of ChNPP interiors,
including the Unit 3 Main Circulation Pump engine halls, the Units 3-4
ventilation building, some rarely-visited upper levels of the Unit 3
reactor building; and the high-radiation "Local Zone" surrounding Unit 4.
-We will spend two entire days working on measuring contamination and
engaging in decontamination activities involving pieces of the iconic old
ventilation chimney that once stood between Units 3 and 4.  The pieces of
the chimney are being stored in the Turbine Hall, and we will work on them
there and in Building 87 north of the main power plant structure.

-Visit Fire Station No. 2 (where many firefighters killed in the 1986
accident were based) and the ChNPP Emergency Response Center, located in
the same ABK-1 "bunker" used for this purpose in 1986.

Cost: Nominally $1550 USD per person, which includes lodging in Slavutych,
ground transportation associated with the program, PPE, and most meals.  We
run this as a non-profit operation, collecting funds to pay for visitors'
costs and our own expenses.

If interested, please email me and I will provide our program "brochure."

Best regards,
Carl Willis

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