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Content preview:  Joel, You pose an interesting question. There is a very simple
   answer to it: IT DEPENDS! As a chemist I am actually allergic towards such
   characterisations like "chlorine", "Caesium", "Strontium" etc. One should
   always specify the chemical form! So when you talk about "chlorine" what
  do you actually refer to? Chlorine as in sodiumchloride? Chloride as in carbontetrachloride?
   Chlorine as a gas? Or in your case I assume it is chlorine in hypochlorite
   solution. I have been working for decades with LSC, even after my retirement
   and I have been on a committee on swipe tests of the Austrian Standardisation
   Institute, where your problem did not directly emerge, but it is "good practice"
   and common sense to check after decontamination whether the surface complies
   with regulations. I would never take swipe tests when the surface is still
   wet with the decontamination liquid! I assume that all chlorine liberated
   during the application of the bleaching solution will have gone during drying.

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