[ RadSafe ] Comments on "Joseph Mangano Strikes Again"

Peter Crane kinderhook46 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 7 20:38:46 CST 2017

The recent polemical attacks on an article by Joseph Mangano are a good illustration of how RADSAFE, which 20 years ago was still a place for a reasoned exchange of ideas and information, has degenerated. 
First let me make clear that I do not agree, on the merits of the case, with Joseph Mangano and Christina MacPherson. But I think that this point can be made and justified without resorting to abusive language, or to assertions that are no better supported than the ones these critics fault for being unsupported. Consider the rhetoric: words and phrases like "dishonest," "sleazy," "deceitful crap," "deliberately faked data," "hysterical," "grossly false," "malignant," "contemptible garbage," etc. And where is the evidence for the statement that articles such as theirs are "sometimes financed by the fossil fuel companies"? If you have the proof, share it with us. I for one am eager to see it.
I'm sure I won't change anyone's mind or behavior by saying this, but the use of violent and abusive rhetoric doesn't increase the likelihood that people will take your views seriously. Rather, it has the opposite effect. 
Peter CraneNRC Counsel for Special Projects (retired)

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