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"devastating levels of radiation"




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The large internal Plutonium contamination incident widely reported earlier
this week, may actually be entirely incorrect. The National Institute of
Radiological Sciences (NIRS) in Chiba has examined all of the men. NIRS says
they can find no internal contamination of the lungs in any of them!

That's right! Nothing detectible!

The alleged internal radioactivity activity(s) reported earlier this week
disappeared after the NIRS administered "proper decontamination". The JAEA
said it believes the initial readings resulted from transuranic
contamination detected on the men's skin prior to undergoing


Numerous possibilities immediately come to mind. First, JAEA might possibly
have the most incompetent HP staff imaginable. Second, Japan's decidedly
antinuclear Press may well have made another mountain out of a mole-hill,
a-la the "soaring radiation levels" in F. Daiichi unit #2 broadcast earlier
this year. It's been more than six years since the nuke accident, and they
still have no clue. Third, even if the dude actually had 22,000 Bq of
Plutonium in his lungs, it appears that the reported 1.2 Sievert exposure in
the first year and 12 Sieverts lifetime are gross exaggerations. Fourth,
Nuclear Regulation Authority commissioners criticizing the workers for
"complacency", will have considerable egg on their faces. I could go

What a ridiculous mess!

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