[ RadSafe ] *** SPAM *** Fw: *** SPAM *** Re: Plutonium from Ibaraki not in lung

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Tue Jun 13 12:50:42 CDT 2017

Spam detection software, running on the system "agni.phys.iit.edu", has
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Content preview:  Anybody able to enlighten me, why this harmless e-mail is
  classified as SPAM????????? -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht----- : Franz Schönhofer
   Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 4:12 PM To: The International Radiation Protection
   (Health Physics) Mailing List Subject: [ RadSafe ] *** SPAM *** Re: Plutonium
   from Ibaraki not in lung [...] 

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 3.6 RCVD_IN_PBL            RBL: Received via a relay in Spamhaus PBL
                            [ listed in zen.spamhaus.org]
 0.0 RCVD_IN_SORBS_DUL      RBL: SORBS: sent directly from dynamic IP address
                            [ listed in dnsbl.sorbs.net]
 1.3 RDNS_NONE              Delivered to internal network by a host with no rDNS
 0.0 UNPARSEABLE_RELAY      Informational: message has unparseable relay lines

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