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Include Bateman (1910)

Bateman, Harry. "The solution of a system of differential equations
occurring in the theory of radioactive transformations." In Proc. Cambridge
Philos. Soc, vol. 15, no. pt V, pp. 423- 427. 1910.

Bateman derived the first 6 differential equations describing ingrowth of
radionuclides in a decay chain.

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On Wed, Mar 8, 2017 at 12:20 PM, Rees, Brian G <brees at lanl.gov> wrote:

> I was teaching a class this week and discussed some early work with
> radiation.  Later on I realized that this was an area that I'd benefit from
> some further reading in.  Is there a decent book that succinctly describes
> the work of the pioneers and experiments/discoveries (Rutherford, Chadwick,
> Curies, etc.) that you'd recommend?
> Thanks in advance,
> Brian Rees
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