[ RadSafe ] Rants about radiation and the IAEA

Peter Crane kinderhook46 at yahoo.com
Fri May 5 17:42:10 CDT 2017

Christina McPherson, a favorite punching bag of RADSAFE contributors, has recently said some things about the IAEA that strike many of us, myself included, as inaccurate, unfair, and over the top. 
But I have to ask this: what about when the rants about organizations are coming from the other side of the ideological divide? For example, when it's the hormesis partisans proclaiming that all the national and international organizations that disagree with them, including the IAEA, ICRP, NCRP, NAS, WHO, NRC, EPA, UNSCEAR, etc. etc., are corrupt -- conscious participants in a 60-year conspiracy to hide the manifold health benefits of radiation, simply in order to preserve their funding and their jobs? Is that one whit less reprehensible? And is the responsibility to speak up in defense of the IAEA etc. in such cases any the less? 
-- Peter Crane, Counsel for Special Projects, USNRC (retired)

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