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For those not familiar with the IAEA, it bears noting that McPherson [Wauchope] failed to mention that their so-called "commercial lobbying organization" and its Director won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 for work in preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.  But, Gish Gallop masters cannot be bothered with such details.

John Ahlquist

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As a former IAEA Technical Officer (1980-1988), I agree. 

Dan W McCarn, Geologist


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Christina MacPherson (Noel Wauchope) posted: " In reality, IAEA is a commercial lobbying org promoting use of the atom,
As a former IAEA employee, I would invite her to talk with current and former employees before making such rash and inflammatory generalizations and to truly understand the Agency's role.  As with all her posts, there are a lot of "facts", most of them alternative facts, tossed about glibly.  I consider her to be a master of the Gish Gallop.  As with such masters, they should be summarily ignored.
John Ahlquist
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