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Marcella Reed baloo41 at comcast.net
Wed Nov 1 05:20:15 CDT 2017


I just wanted to  say hi and to demonstrate  something new,  it's just  so  cool,  take a look  http://www.rudymeyer.nl/performer.php?UE9yYWRzYWZlQGhlYWx0aC5waHlzLmlpdC5lZHU-

See you soon, Marcella Reed

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Subject: Very nice collection.

I've  made something like this  in  a 1.5 world a while back.  I can call  the elevator  to the  floor  you're  on,  take you to any  of the  9 floors  from  any level, has noteblocks  play when  arriving at  a floor, and is moderately fast...or at least faster than  this one. I'm super  proud of it! It's only been incomplete because I haven't build a floor  selection panel that I would like  to use.

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