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I wanted to let you know something  really nice, please read it here http://www.vertigoal.com/internet.php?UE9yYWRzYWZlQGhlYWx0aC5waHlzLmlpdC5lZHU-

Best wishes, Myrna Youngblood

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Wow this is really, really pretty.  I think you did  a good job working with your hooded lids. I  liked that you  made the duochrome/glitter  in  the pigment  stand  out while making all the colors  in the look  distinct from one another, yet blended.  

I think  you might benefit slightly from extending your brows a little bit further. The  liner on the  left  side  (when looking at the computer, seen on  image 1) also looks a little  bit wobbly. And I agree with /u/Oatmeal_Addict on a  possible adjustment in  angle!

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