[ RadSafe ] Fwd: Neutron-Star Collision Reveals Origin of Gold, Astronomers Say

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Mon Oct 23 10:39:38 CDT 2017


You're quite right, and that's why astrophysicists are "over the moon"
about the discovery.  Pls. see:
.  The LIGO system is genuinely a revolutionary observatory, and I think
they're planning to add another site.

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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Neutron-Star Collision Reveals Origin of Gold,
Astronomers Say
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This article seems to imply that the majority of parent radioactive
elements provably originated from Neutron star collisions.  I'm excited by
this recent news because it seems as though we are living through a period
of time about which entries will be made in future history books.  I cant
help but wonder what new questions will be generated by this break
through?  We are living in exciting times!

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