[ RadSafe ] Industrial x-ray radiography systems

clayton bradt dutchbradt at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 13:55:32 CDT 2018

The Federal Court for the Norther District of New York has determined that
industrial x-ray tubes meet the definition of weapons of mass destruction
(See US v. Crawford, 2015). Yet in every state of which I am aware these
devices can be obtained by anyone merely by filing a registration.  No
background check or licensing documents required.  These x-ray tubes are
WMDs right out of the box ready to be used to attack unsuspecting
Americans. Meanwhile radioactive sources would take considerable
engineering before they could be converted to nefarious purposes.  Considered
in view of the heightened security  required for possession of radioactive
materials that MAY be used to construct a WMD the regulatory regime for
x-ray devices that ARE WMDs seems pathetically inadequate.

Anyone, preferably from the CRCPD care to weight in on this?

Clayton J. Bradt
​Principal Radiophysicist (ret.)​

"No one is ever silenced for being wrong."

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