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Fri Apr 6 14:57:37 CDT 2018

I'm having difficulties figuring out how the "mass destruction" aspect gets
justified.  I mean, i see the "hypothetically speaking" arguments, but . . .

If this is the case, then the same "legally justifiable philosophy" turns
an 18 wheeler hauling anything and everything requiring DOT placarding into
an automatic WMD, as would become compost heaps above a certain size (not
to mention landfills), and even companies which own mountains with ski
resorts suddenly having WMDs building up using snow machines via the
"devastating" stored potential energy, ready to roll down avalanche style
on the unsuspecting populace below.

Where does it end?

On Fri, Apr 6, 2018 at 3:42 PM, clayton bradt <dutchbradt at gmail.com> wrote:

> Daniel S. Simpson said:
> "Of course one has to take into consideration that a X-Ray Tube must have a
> Power Source which presents some restrictions on it use to be ?destructive?
> as a WMD unlike a radioactive source that can present both a radiation
> intensity and radiation contamination hazard."
> *********
> Does this mean that you think the tube without a power supply should not be
> considered a WMD? Should the distance from the exit port to the intended
> victim(s) and exposure time also be taken into consideration here?
> Clayton J. Bradt
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