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Churchill is a main character and mostly a hero in Olson's Last Hope 
Island, although he was tightly constrained in achieving his goals when 
he became the junior partner after the entry of the US and the Soviet 
Union into the war on the Allied side.

A personal note:

In the late 70s, I taught mathematics at Westminster College in central 
Missouri. I swam and played basketball in the gymnasium where, in March 
1946, Winston Churchill said “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in 
the Adriatic, an iron curtain has dropped across the continent.”

A few years later, Harry Truman, who had introduced Churchill, 
facilitated the creation of a memorial to the speech. A bombed-out 
church from central London, was disassembled, shipped to Fulton, 
Missouri, and restored to its original glory. Today, if you are driving 
across Missouri on I-70, perhaps during the next I-70 World Series, you 
can take the 7 mile side trip and visit the luminous Church of Saint 
Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury, the only Christopher Wren church in the 
United States. There is a small, but interesting Churchill museum under 
the church.

Best regards.

Jim Dukelow

Red Mountain Consulting

Benton City, Washington

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